The Brand


We’re GTPLAYER. We’re a brand committed to bringing the best in gaming chair technology to gamers everywhere. We custom build, engineer and design ergonomic gaming stations to transcend your long and hard gaming experience into a comfortable experience to leave you focusing on destroying noobs in comfort. 

We’re a team of gamers ourselves, from new age games like League of Legends, Fortnite and Minecraft, to the hardcore old-school games like DOTA, Counter-Strike and everything in between. We know what it’s like to game from the rough and tough ‘comforts’ (if we can call it that) of the office desk chair your mother bought you in high school. We know what it’s like to stand up and need to take a walk after 20 minutes because the mesh material you have been sitting on is starting to really irritate you. We know what it’s like to lose focus in a decisive moment and die because your back just started to cramp up from that $50 Walmart chair that your dad convinced you were excellent quality. The point is, we understand you because we are you, a team of gamers who need a comfortable solution to such a big part of our lives.

GTPLAYER is that solution. Our team has engineered gaming chairs that provide incredible ergonomic lumbar support taking into consideration every aspect of the design to allow you to the game for longer, in optimal body shape and position as well as increasing your focus and performance in the game.

There is a doubt that a gaming chair is an investment, but there is no better investment than a hobby that you love; if you love gaming as much as we do then we don’t need to tell you too much more. We started GTPLAYER because of our love for gaming and the lack of options for a gaming chair that supports our lifestyle, the thousands of 5-star reviews we got from you guys made us inspired us to continue.

Made by gamers, for gamers, welcome to GTPLAYER.