• Pro Series // LR97-RED
  • Pro Series // LR97-RED
  • Pro Series // LR97-RED
  • Pro Series // LR97-RED
  • Pro Series // LR97-RED
  • Pro Series // LR97-RED
  • Pro Series // LR97-RED
  • Pro Series // LR97-RED


Pro Series // LR97-RED

Pro Series // LR97-RED

2021 Pro Series

Direct Pricing:€129.99

  • Ergonomic design; metal frame, easy to clean PU, removable pillows
    Adjustable backrest with a 90°-160° safety angle
    Armrest and seat-height adjustment; 360-degree swivel
    Thick padded seat, headrest and lumbar pillow keep you comfy
    Maximum weight capacity - 330 pounds.
    1-year limited warranty. Assembly instructions included.
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  • Design ergonomico dai braccioli

    Puoi alleviare l'armamento utile. E il bracciolo è regolabile e facile da usare. La funzione regolabile rende la nostra sedia meglio adatta alla tua postura.

  • Telaio in metallo forte

    Forte struttura in metallo, che garantisce una comoda posizione di seduta e ti mantiene a proprio agio dopo lunghi giochi o lavori. Lo schienale e il sedile imbottiti DICK sono perfetti per rilassarsi

  • Cuscino di spugna con alta densità

    Cuscino di spugna con alta densità, dopo un lungo sedile senza deformato, la vita è più del doppio di quella di quella di una normale spugna.

  • Altezza regolabile

    Offre varie opzioni di regolazione, che possono sempre prendere posti a sedere ottimali in qualsiasi momento.

  • Inclinazione di 90-150 gradi

    Tilt 90-150 gradi per lavoro, intrattenimento e sonno. E il pulsante di tensione di inclinazione sotto il sedile consente la regolazione dell'angolo di inclinazione.

  • Facile da installare

    Facile da installare e facile da pulire. Puoi costruire con le istruzioni per l'uso molto rapidamente.

Our Commitment To You.

Quality isn't easy and a good gaming chair needs to be constructed by a team that actually games regularly. This is where we come in, we are a team of engineers, designers and overall technology experts who are also hardcore gamers. We know exactly what was missing in gaming chairs today and have constructed a series of gaming chairs that fill that need.

Ergonomic Design: All our chairs are designed ergonomically, meaning that they perfectly align your neck and spine for optimal position while seated for a long time. Our chair perfectly curves to your back for an ideal lower back lumbar supported to keep you positioned in the right posture all the way through.

Adjustable Arm Rests: Regardless of height or weight, we needed to make sure that for you to be perfectly comfortable that your armrests are adjustable, we did that for you.

170 Degree Recline: A stable and sturdy recline system was engineered by a team who calculated that 170 degrees were the most optimal recline angle for you to enjoy comfort while still keep your body in the best position for it.

Mesh and Cushion Support: Our comfortable mesh fabric allows for breathability and comfort while seated during those long sessions. Your hips and bottom will thank you later.

Sturdy Construction: A powerful metal frame braces gamers of all weights and sizes for a strong finish so you never need to worry about whether or not those extra bags of Doritos will be too much for your gaming chair to handle

Headrest/Footrest: All our chairs come equipped with a comfortable cushion that supports your head, while some of our chairs opt in for a footrest for the extra comfort while seated.

gtplayer has considered every aspect involved in making sure that every detail in the perfect gaming chair was accounted for. Our quality is next to no one and we take pride in bringing you gaming chairs that are built with love and care.

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